About Ouisync

Ouisync is a private and resilient solution for syncing files and folders with your devices, contacts and groups.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Simply install and quickly create files and folders to sync and share with trusted devices, contacts and/or groups.



Ouisync uses an innovative, synchronous, peer-to-peer design that allows users to access and share files and folders whether or not your device can connect to the internet.



End-to-end encrypted files and folders - both in transit and at rest - secured by established, state-of-the art protocols.

Free for everyone

Free for everyone

No in-app purchases, no subscriptions, no ads, and no tracking!

Access controls

Access Controls

Create repositories that can be shared as read-write, read-only, or blind (you store files for others, but cannot access them).

Open source

Open Source

Ouisync's source code is 100% free and open source software, now and forever. All code can be found on Github.

Status and Roadmap

July 2023: We are soft launching the first stable release of Ouisync this month! Please note that the app is under active development, and as such some features and functionality may not work as expected. We encourage users to report bugs and request new features via Github

Upcoming Milestones:


Full bios for the Ouisync team and the rest of the staff at eQualitie are available on the eQualitie website.

Lead Software Developer: Peter


Lead Software Developer

Developer - Cryptography and Networking: Adam


Developer - Cryptography and Networking

Mobile Developer: Jorge


Mobile Developer

QA Testing & Project Manager: Ivana


QA Testing & Project Manager

Product Owner & Project Manager: Jenny


Product Owner & Project Manager

UX Researcher - Ksenia


UX Researcher

For support questions, press and media, and feedback, you can contact the Ouisync team at: support [at] ouisync [dot] net.